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The Theatre Arts Club, a Michigan non-profit organization, was established in 1910 as an all women's theatre group.

For the first 15 years, performances were given in many different locations. In 1925, The Players built their beautiful Playhouse and invited TAC to produce their shows there.

The Players Playhouse has been our home ever since.


Theatre Arts Song
Written by Audrey Jennings

The Theatre Arts Club of Detroit
Presents another show.
Now comes the hush of awesome calm
Before the curtain's rise.
What magic marvels will unfold
Before our very eyes!
As house lights dim
A spell is cast
The Muses now abide
To sadden with tragedy,
Cheer us through a comedy,
Lure us on in fantasy
But now
We catch our breath.
We cannot stir,
The footlights are aglow!
The Theatre Arts Club of Detroit
Presents another show!